Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brown paper packages tied up with string

Today is Marc's birthday so I spent a little time last night preparing his gifts. Sometimes I like to use paper that wasn't originally intended for wrapping paper for a more unique look (plus it's a good way to reuse paper).

Since I work with a lot of printing vendors, I often get more posters and calendars than I can possibly—or even want—to hang up or use. While a poster of a woodpecker isn’t my first choice for a wall hanging, it can make really fun wrapping paper.

For Marc’s gift, I used the May page from this giant calendar I received a few years ago (December’s photo of Rockefeller Center at Christmas made gorgeous holiday gift paper). The flowering mountain is kinda girly, yeah, but it’s May right now, so why not, right?

To tone town the floral explosion, I wrapped the small gift in the calendar paper and used plain brown butcher paper for the bottom present. Then I tied up everything with some rough sisal string...and topped it all off with a masculine card with woodgrain print from Egg Press.

I think the end result is more “lumberjack on a sunny spring day” than “the hills are alive with the sound of music.”

As for what’s actually in the packages, stay tuned…

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