Friday, June 01, 2007

Glorious free books

Sorry to mention this after the fact, but last night was the Chicago Reader Book Swap at Nick's Uptown on Sheridan. I know they had one last November at the Logan Square Auditorium, so I'm sure it will be back again.

For future reference, though, go!

It was fantastic. I brought some old paperbacks and in return was given a tote bag and carte blanche to root through tables of books and take as many home as I wanted...all while drinking PBR. Everyone I talked to was friendly and I picked up some good stuff...I think I'll start with The Shipping News first, but I'm sure more of my book swap finds will show up in my reading section on the side...over there ----->

Look down! Yeah, right there!


Stephanie said...

Hey Ali! Glad you brought the site back! I love free books, sometimes our library will have a book "sale" but really its a bag of books for like a quarter!

Anonymous said...

bummer that I missed it. The Newberry Library has an awesome sale at the end of July. Shannon

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