Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm serious!

Last week I went to the Reader Book Swap and snatched up as many books as my arms and 15 minutes of time to spare allowed. As a result, I'm now slogging through The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

It's ok so far, I guess. But if the author compares a baby's hand to a star or starfish one more time, I'm chucking it out the window.


Jamie said...

That may be my old copy of The Memory Keeper's Daughter that I left at the swap! What a strange coincidence that you would pick up one of your lurker's books. Because surely no one else wanted to unload their big pile of starfish analogies.

Alison said...

haha! how funny would that be? i wonder if you ended up with any of my books. you didn't pick up any art buchwald, did you? i always seem to end up with multiple copies of his books on my hands.

on the serious, though. should i keep reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter?

Jamie said...

I don't think I did but I would have if I'd seen some. The Memory Keeper's Daughter was ok. A little maudlin in places. Not to give anything away, but there's no Da Vinci Code-esque plot twists to keep it moving so you've got to be invested in the characters to make it worthwhile.

Speaking of the Da Vinci Code, there was a hardback copy at the swap that everyone was pointedly ignoring and even though I thought the book was so dumb after I read it I almost felt bad enough for him to take him home. But I think it might have been some kind of bait to see if you were hip enough to be there and I probably just narrowly avoided having my hand snapped off by a bear trap put in place to make sure philistines like me are caught and removed.

Alison said...

Ha!Sounds like you dodged a bullet there.

I don't know about this book...I'm probably going to finish it because I try to finish every book I start, but it just seems to be moving so slowly.

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