Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One of my 3 readers writes for Mighty Haus. Obviously.

Coincidence? I think not!

Ok then. Since maybe, maybe someone wants to hear about the crap I buy (a girl can pretend) and the economy is SO GREAT right now, here's some more stuff:
Marc bought me this awesome red plastic apple ring that I love from Penelope's on Division.

I adore this store. A lot of it is too-expensive-to-buy-but-fun-to-look-at stuff, but sometimes they have some decent sales. I also love to visit their gorgeous terrariums and the two darling pugs that hang out on occasion (maybe the only kind of small dog I like). They sell a lot of Shinzi Katoh stuff, which I think is adorable.

Apparently, I've been really into buying beverage receptacles for myself and others, because I recently picked this bottle up for someone as a gift:

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