Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pretty pictures: cinderblock planters

If you know me, you're fully aware that I am a plant nut. On a Sunday trip to Costco, I had to drag myself away from a pre-planted basket (ick) of succulents to continue on my mission to buy cat litter (an aside: You know what's not fun? Picking up a giant 40lb. BUCKET of Fresh Step and losing your grip and having the whole thing slide down your arm leaving lacerations and bruises. My left arm looks like I was on the losing end of an Indian burn tournament.)

Anyway, as the BUCKET was shearing one layer of arm flesh from the other, I was musing about these photos and how happy those succulents would be if I could only trasnport them from their basket (ick) to some nice, industrial cinderblock planters. If Marc reads this, he will definitely taunt me because I made him get rid of his college dorm room-style cinderblock and boards bookshelf in favor of actual furniture, and I could really use that concrete now.


Shannon said...

I love this idea... and yeah, you have a LOT of plants!

Stephanie said...

That is pretty cool! Those giant things of kitty litter are so heavy. UGH!

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