Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pretty pictures: Back to jewelry

A few weeks back, I dashed between raindrops and did a lap at the Renegade Craft Fair. It was so sad that such a great event was marred by buckets (and buckets and buckets) of rain. There were a few people shopping here and there, but I'm sure business wasn't what it would have been had it not been the raniest September weekend on record.

I didn't get to look at too much of the goods, but the one vendor that caught my eye was this one, Nervous System:

Ahh! Everything is so pretty and neat. From their site:

Formally we are attracted to complex and unconventional geometries. Our inspirations are grounded in the natural forms and corresponding processes which construct the world around us. From coral aggregations to interference patterns, a study of natural phenomena is an essential ingredient to our design process.

Their stuff reminds me of a Marzio Fiorini necklace at MoMA I've had my eye on for a while now...oh no! It's gone...can't find it anywhere now. It sort of looked like this but somehow awesomer:
Rats! I wish I had bought that necklace when I had the chance...


Shannon said...

I love all the pieces! You have great taste.

Anonymous said...

hey alison, love your jewelry ideas! in case you need a new website to haunt, check out she's a local cle artist who takes vintage pieces and reworks them into fab jewelry. i just saw her stuff at a music store and LOVED it....i have my eye on way too many pieces! -jennie

Alison said...

Ooh, thanks Jennie! She has some really pretty earrings...very Art Deco.

It's funny. I've decided that I'd like to buy a new necklace, but I've been putting about as much thought into as I would buying a car. Darn recession. Maybe that's a good thing, though...

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