Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Suzy homemaker U.S.A.!

So guys, despite having not baked a pie in, oh....NEVER, I decided to enter this last weekend.

I don't know. Maybe it's looking at Barack Obama and babies or maybe it was the 140-mile round trip drive I took last weekend to an apple orchard, but yeah, I just went ahead and signed on up. Who really can really say which is the symptom and which is the disease?

As of today, Wednesday, I have about 82 apples hanging out on my kitchen counter and one practice pie under my belt. The fact that I considered not slicing my finger open while cutting apples as a success does not bode well for me winning this competition.

But, all in all, the first pie I made--with sour cream and almonds, no less--was not completely inedible. People who are not related to me actually volunteered to try it and had vague, encouraging things to say.

Tomorrow I have a grand plan to make practice pie # two, a regular ol' fashioned, back-in-the-day olden tyme pie. While listening to John Phillip Sousa. We'll see how it goes. It shouldn't get too out of hand. Maybe I'll do some light embroidery while it's baking.

Just know that if you you come over for a visit and this what I've become...'s perfectly ok for you to stealthily bind me up in that flag I'm working on and cart me away into the sunset.


Stephanie said...

You are too funny Ali! Making applesauce was super easy if you are looking for a way to use up the apples. I am jealous of your apple pie making skills. I stop at apple crisp, no crust required.

Shannon said...

Good luck! I am also a huge fan of apple crisp.

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