Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Impossible to kill?

These are my tillandsia, or air plants, that I've managed to keep alive for two months now. I think it's so neat that they can just hang out on a plate or whatever. You just have to mist them every few days and soak them in filtered water every two weeks. Easy as (ahem) pie. My only problem is that the little one somehow seems to make its way to the cats' food and water area quite often. Poor little plant that's having a cat-toy identity crisis!


Andrew said...

Hey Alison -- I think we saw one of those plants the other weekend at the botanical gardens in Charlotte. Check it out:

It was one of my favorite plants. Where did you get it? I want one too!

Alison said...

Hey! I think they are the same. I got mine at Sprout here in Chicago, but I think you can find them at a lot of garden shops. They're fun plants. I'm pretty sure you can even attach them to branches if you want a more sculptural effect.

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