Thursday, November 06, 2008

20 not really all that bad things that I inexplicably can’t stand

1. Patent-leather shoes
2. Bathroom fans left on after someone is finished taking a shower
3. Other people’s hair touching me
4. Fur, faux or real
5. Being in a dark room with a mirror (especially a bathroom)
6. The smell of chlorine and nicotine mixed together
7. Cabbage
8. The names Craig and Keith (even though I love Craigslist and Keith from Six Feet Under)
9. Filling out expense reports
10. Aluminum foil
11. When two people walk on opposite sides of something tall, like a lamppost, instead of following each other on the same side
12. Marigolds
13. Being tickled
14. Clothing articles that look like two shirts but is really just one shirt sewn to look like layers (think a sweater that looks like it has a blouse under it)
15. French manicure style paint on people’s toes
16. PT Cruisers
17. Baby Ruth candy bars
18. When people insist on clinking everyone’s glass when someone toasts at a dinner
19. Naps
20. When people wear too many rings

What mundane things get to you?


Stephanie said...

I love the random-ness of this list. Hmm things that bother me:
the word "moist"

I am drawing a blank...It bothers me when I can't think of anything!

Alison said...

Those are definite good ones!

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