Sunday, November 02, 2008

A day late, as usual

Shan, you've inspired me to try to do the posting every day in November thing. Let's just ignore the fact that it's Nov. 2, ok?

Not much to report so far. I'm hanging out in my room with my cats putting off taking a shower. Part of my Halloween costume (pictures to come) included spraying my hair hot pink. A big patch of my scalp is still this color. It is not cute. Combined with my bedhead, I look like a giant cockatiel.

It's really nice today, so I may charge up my ipod and do this Ukranian Village walking tour around my neighborhood. I bought the tour a few weeks ago to do with my parents when they were here, but we ran out of time.

Oh, also, I know this isn't an e-mail to Shan--but she and maybe someone else might be interested in this: Yesterday I took a walk and stopped into Urban Remains, an antique and salvage shop near Hubbard and Paulina. It's quite a bit smaller than Salvage One or Architectural Artifacts, but they have awesome deco tiles and lots of cool stuff to oogle. It's beautifully curated, too.

Tell me, how does one go about running a salvage shop for a living? Ahh! I would love it.

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Shannon said...

Oh, super cool! I'm glad you are doing this too. I actually went in Urban Remains when I went to Salvage One and it was closed. I think a joint business venture is in order! I would love to run a salvage store.

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