Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marc asked if he could post something...

But it's on the condition that he can write whatever he wants and I wont alter it or even look at it until it goes live on Saturday. ZOMG, guys! He's so totally going to ask me to marry him via this blog! It would be soooo fitting since this date could very well be one of the many anniversaries of when I yelled at him and we broke up and got back together in a 48-hour period.



Here's Marc...

Thanks to Alison for the wonderful intro...As i sit here before our trip watching Alison dribble soup down her chin, i realize that i was not meant to be a day trader. I took this week off and the past two days i have not done much more than sit on my couch refreshing my browser every minute, just to see my money vanishing each time. I decided to put some money in the market a couple weeks ago to try and buy low like experts suggest only to find that i did not buy low enough. When i turned my computer on this morning, I found out i had started the day with a $450 loss before trading even began (didn't really know that was possible, but i managed to do it.) Here's hoping the market rallied while we were out stimulating the economy in CA! (and of course that Alison did not dump me...again!)

Sorry, Alison, for ruining your blog with money talk and poor grammar...look for me to go back to making 3.5% on a money market to avoid a heart attack.

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