Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No, we can't...stay awake to watch the election results

Today is definitely the start of a new era, huh? Last night I learned that, no matter how exciting, there is nothing like watching election returns that makes me sleep like a baby.

When I lived in Indiana in 2004, I waited in line for more than 2 hours to vote for John Kerry, only to get home and see that the state had already gone red before I had even crossed the threshold of my polling place. Once home, I sunk onto the couch and promptly fell asleep.

I am in no way a napper or couch sleeper (way too fidgety), so I always thought that might have been because I was dismayed at the way the election was turning out...but it seems to be I just have election night narcolepsy.

Yesterday, I was a ball of jittery nerves, making sure I voted early, checking CNN on the hour and willing the clock to hit 6 so I could start watching the returns. As excited as I was, I found myself nodding off on the same couch--but in CHICAGO of all places this time around--and I was out cold before 9. I had to be shaken awake an hour later when it was announced that Obama had won the election. Through my blurry sleep haze, I gave a weak but victorious fist pound and immediately shuffled off to bed.

I'm so disappointed in myself. But I'm hoping this is a harbinger of President Obama (eee!) bringing Americans the peace of mind to sleep soundly, assured that their country is in good hands.

P.S. Indiana, I'm so proud of you!

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Stephanie said...

Pretty amazing that Indiana went Democrat huh??

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