Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad pictures from around the house

I have to apologize for the poor white balance and general “flashiness” of the photos. Lack of natural sunlight + crappy camera = subpar pictures (but let’s hope not dead plants come this winter).

This is pretty much the first thing you see from the front door. I really think this picture needs to be hung a smidge higher. It bugs me every time I look at it. The print, incidentally, is from Post Family, whose studio is just a few blocks away.

To the left of the front door is this little cabinet, and its mate is across the way. These are two of my dearest Craigslist scores. They’re Brazilian rosewood and house my ever-growing record collection (they’re meant to be LP cabinets, so win-win). The lamp was $7 at a garage sale!

I’ve since moved my tillandsia, but they lived here once upon a time:

(On a side note, I noticed these two were looking a little dry last week. Two words: linseed oil. They’re glowing so beautifully now. I used some on the floor where we had some scratches and scrapes, and it helped a lot too!)

Oh fireplace and scraggly plant, what will I ever do with you? I once wanted to paint the fireplace wall gray or some other color to make it pop a bit (thanks to the photographer, you can’t really tell, but that wall is at an angle), but now I’m sort of digging the all-whiteness of the room. The ceilings are really high, and the room feels really airy and open.

On the mantle, I’ve creepily put a bunch of plastic toys in jars. They actually look kind of nice when the candles behind them are lit. Or creepier. I don’t know.

Say hi, Craigslist furniture Class of 2008! Oh, and you too, fat cat.

Otis and Harvey: See, they’re packing on the el bees. Note how Otis, the orange one, is pressing up against the back of the couch and trying to shove Harvey off. Very nice, boys. Veeeery nice. When they’re not whining at the back door to be let out, they pretty much live on this couch.

Dead empty corner.

Until now! Post-garage sale, I coerced Marc into hanging these Ikea shelves to house my new planters and other ephemera.

Closer picture. Since taking this picture on Sunday, this whole set-up has been rearranged. I’m sure I’ll be futzing with the artful display of crap until the whole thing comes crashing down on my head.

I hope you enjoyed this tour, guys. It’s only been about six weeks in, so there are a lot of changes to come, so stay tuned in. Talk to you later!

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