Thursday, June 18, 2009

Before and after...and after the after

First painting project in the new place (see the before here)!
...did not go so well, acutally.

Luckily, a fireplace surround only takes about 30 minutes to paint. I chose this light blue color thinking it would pick up some of the lighter colors in the painting.
While it's not a bad color on its own, it really doesn't go with anything else in the house and gave the corner a too-bright, weird poolside look. I tried to convince myself I liked it, but it didn't even last 24 hours.

Paint job #2:

Poppy Seed by Behr (I don't even remember what the other color was called). Be honest: Which one do you like best?


rachel said...

Paint job #2 looks great. Honest.

jess@noelmarie said...

Sweet! That looks great!

Shannon said...

Really love the darker color. It adds some weight to the room, which is very airy and light. I LOVE it! Btw, did you want to hang out this weekend????

Alison said...

Thanks, ladies!

Anonymous said...

#2- best- hands down.

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