Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The lost art of letter writing (STOP)

As I posted before, Marc's 30th birthday was in May. I wanted to do something special, but there was no one big gift I could think to get him (no customized surfboard like one of his friends received from his fiancee), so I opted for a few smaller things and meted them out throughout the month, so he'd get one surprise each week leading up to the big day.

While this didn't quite work out as planned (damn you, eBay wached items in my e-mail someone saw!)I had fun with it, sending him a message in the mail with clues on where the gift could be found in our apartment.

Even cooler? I did it with old-timey telegrams via this nifty site. Neato.

Here, I even made an example for you:
Now, go let someone know you think they're cool in that old-timey, kiss-a-sailor-on-the-street, just-back-from-the-Great-War way.

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