Thursday, June 04, 2009

On a walk last night

I made sure to get myself to Kiosk and Muji (kind of meh on both accounts....well, I did buy something at Muji, but it's a present, and the recipient is one of the three readers of this here blog).

Of course, I ducked into the MoMA design store about five minutes before they closed, so everyone who worked there kind of stared me down as I had mini heart attacks over everything. I didn't even have time to go downstairs to look at the books and furnitire (my favorite stuff! and what's with all of the furniture denial anyway?), but I did grab this guy: Aww. Lil Desk Tidy! The website says: "Inspired by mugs used as pencil cups, the designers created this porcelain desk organizer. The decorative motif adds a traditional feel, but has modern desk items hidden in the pattern."

Super cute for a desk, but I'm also thinking, how adorable for a tea party (as if I have those)? Put some spoons in the big cup and some lemon slices and sugar cubes in the smaller ones and, suddendly, everyone wants to be you!

Cute, right? No regrets. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my Supermarket Sweep-style impulse purchase.

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