Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Lately I’ve been obsessed with chalkboard paint. In my head, I tried it out on the fireplace surround, kitchen backsplash, front door, boyfriend…but none of it was quite right.

(Image via Apartment Therapy. Ahh, chalkboards and calendars. Kill me now.)

In an uncharacteristic display of patience, I didn’t go running after the cats with a roller full of black paint. Instead, I greedily snatched up some of my favorite uses of chalkboard paint in Flickr, which you can see in the chalkboard dust, chalkboard walls and chalk boards groups.

As of yesterday, I couldn’t stand it any longer. About six months ago, Marc found some great old windows in an alley. So all this time, I’ve been wondering what to do with the windows. At the same time, I’ve been wondering what I had that could do with me slapping a coat (or 10) of chalkboard paint on it.

Synergy, people. Windows, meet paint.

Here are the windows before in my lovely “back yard” area:

It’s a lovely space. Full of weeds, old bags and condom wrappers. What fun it is to spend time back there!


Ovbs I’m not done yet, but I wanted to write about them anyway (see above for my lack of patience). These need at least another coat and to be hung in all their glory on my living room wall.

I’m so excited about these guys. I hope to have some great final after pictures for you soon!


Anonymous said...

This is so clever. Nice.

Alison said...

We'll see how it turns out...still have one more coat to go.

Melillo said...

You are so creative! We are going to do a chalkboard in our basement for Josie and Maggie! I love that paint.

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