Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fuzzy and fussy

This was a weekend of treats for me! I got my photo from Doe-c-doe framed up all nice-like and hung. I've long been obsessed with campers and RVs. Add some toys and a paint-by-numbers background and I'm in photo heaven.

Hey there, painted windows all ready to be hung.

Here's a wider shot.You can see the locker bins I mentioned earlier (wouldn't you know. Urban Outfitters is selling these now!). I finally just got these on Saturday. See, they accidentally shipped to my old address and my horrible, terrible jackass of an old landlord (whom I am currently suing, btdubs) refused to give them to me. I had to go over and have one of the current tenants unearth the box from a pile in the garage.


Speaking of growls and toys, I got some new buddies to add to my mantel menagerie: Kanga and roo and some giraffes in a big ol pickle jar.

There's also a new zebra, but he's shy and allll the way at the other end of the ledge.

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Becca said...

The animals in jars are so cute :)

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