Friday, July 31, 2009

Holy cow!

This place is right down the street from my old apartment, and while I've never been inside, I can attest that it's a gorgeous building.
How cool would it be to live in this old church? 14X15 stained-glass windows! 20 ft ceilings! Well, I'm sure those make it harder to heat in the winter, but I don't care.

Wow even the commenters on Crib Chatter have turned their haterade into wine and are saying some nice things about it.
All I know is, the first thing I would do if I had that place was stage my own reenactment of Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' video.
(blah bedroom)

Second on the list: Jazzing up that blah decorating scheme (more pictures here). Not exactly sure how, though. What would you do? Go completely gothic and fill it full of mildly creepy religious relics (see yesterday's post)? Or make it as spare as a monk's cell?

Give us a commandment from your decorating bible. If you could do anything to this place, how would you resurrect it from the dead?


Anonymous said...

I have to say that the reno on this pad is totally blahtastic. Looks like every other granite and stainlesss and soft tones and slate boringtown condo, but it happens to have a gorgeous stained glass window.

I'd have to go with a mid-century mod goth look. That is, heavy wood with white tulip chairs in the dining spot, converted pews, the bed on a platform and bedroom in mostly white, all with well-edited gothic touch - crosses, gargoyle, etc. Oh, and maybe mannequin legs.

Fin i Formen - Margrethe said...

Nice blog:)

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