Monday, July 27, 2009

The weed party goes (semi) legit

In addition to cutting weeds from the alley and vacant lot next door, I actually purchased some flowers at Trader Joe's like a normal person. Believe me when I say, screaming kids and all, it was much more pleasant that foraging in and around the leaky viaduct lots of locals enjoy using for their--ahem--facilities.

Here are the results. $5.99 TJ's bouquet all snipped down:

From the side.

Oh snap! Check out that dirty look. I don't think Harvey likes it much. He's always been honest like that.

I'll tell you what. He does like sleeping on that book. I'd say he spends at least six hours on it a day. (the rest of the time, you can find him in other delightfully comfortable spots such as on my laptop, splayed out on the entry table, or kicking the alarm clock off the nightstand in preparation for a nice, hard, wooden nap)


So glad Queen Anne's Lace is blooming now. All that's from the alley. The purple puff balls are from Trader Joe's, but I don't remember what they are called. $5.00 a bunch.

From above.

I have some other arrangements kicking it around the house, but I doubt you want to see pictures of weeds in tin cans.


Anonymous said...

the flowers look fabu! i have a pink begonia from our neighbor trimmed down and chillin' in a bowl of water on our dining table. so chic.

and what is with cats and paper? nothing stirs mouse's heart like a fresh, white sheet of paper to sit on. or a magazine. strange rangers!


Anonymous said...

purple puffs are alium, the flowers of a chives plant. Love love love!

Alison said...

Thanks! You're totally right--now that you mention it, that's what the bucket said.

This is so helpful!

becky said...

Oh. My. God. I took a picture of my big gray cat asleep on that book about 6 months ago! I wanted to share it with you, but I'm having trouble finding it at the moment!


Alison said...

I want to see it! We can start a Flickr group or something.

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