Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dress you up in my love

Ah, dresser. It's been too long. I've missed you so much. You have no idea. I'm so sorry to have left you alone for all those months. I swear I'll never do it again.

I'm sure I've spun the yarn of this dresser here on ye olde blog, but in honor of our reunion, here it goes again, quick and simple: On my 27th birthday, I came home from work to find a gorgeous mid-century dresser in my room, replacing the lime green highboy I had taken from an ex boyfriend when he graduated from college. Marc and his roommate had coordinated with my roommate to move it into our house while I was gone so I'd be surprised. I don't know how he managed to sneakily trek out to Roselle, buy and store a big piece of furniture without me knowing, but it was worth all the effort (and hauling it up two flights of stairs). I loved it and will always treasure it.

Last night, we had the fun(!) task of moving the last of my crap from my old apartment into the new place, and this dresser was the final piece of furniture we brought over. It was a little sentimental for me--this dresser being one of the first gifts I received from Marc, and now we share it in our first home together.

I think it was a little emotional for Marc too. But that's mostly because his dresser had to be moved into the basement. It cost $8, had seen close to a decade of hard use and the front of only one of the drawers would come off when you tried to tug it open (in fact, that entire drawer fell apart last night during its move to the basement, narrowly missing Marc's bare foot by about an inch. I think it was mad about its demotion). In Marc's book, these are all hallmarks of a quality piece that clearly has another 15 years of wear and tear.

Tears and jeers aside, it's nice to have it back in action, storing clothes like a champ (and we can both agree it looks a lot better than its predecessor). Even Otis the cat is happy since he can spend all the hours in his day lounging underneath it once again.

What else have we been up to? Oh, not much. Just using our new window chalkboards for very mature, sophisticated endeavors.

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