Monday, August 17, 2009

The lovers, the dreamers and me

Thanks to fabulous guidance from the blogblog log (thanks so much for showing me your fantastic sources! I had a blast), I picked up some some jazzy trinkets yesterday. I bought a lot of glass items and took some quick turns in the old Subaru (I heard one whole bag of breakables sickeningly clink and jangle its way to imagined oblivion as a bag toppled over when I backed into a parking spot just outside of my building. Upon examination, the entire bag and contents were somehow upside down--good one, self!) But fortune smiled on me, and I managed to get everything into the house intact and now arranged just so.

Even if I had dropped the whole lot of loot (which would not be a surprise to anyone who knows me), I would have still had the warm wooliness of the Hudson's Bay blanket I found to dry my tears. So excited to have one of these!

I've (admittedly very casually) been looking for one of these blankets for years. Yeah, they're bright and kind of cabin-esque, but they're so warm and can look wonderfully modern and graphic--but never stark.

Can you make the rainbow connection?

(Via Melaniecoles)

(Via The 10 Cent Designer)

(Via James Glave)

I can definitely see mine (MINE!) folded up into a nice cat warmer at the bottom of the bed this winter.

BUT. There is always the option of upholstering something. Hmph.

(Via Apartment Therapy)

(Via Alison Milne Design)

I DO have a very similar U.S Navy blanket that might look pretty sweet as a bench...

Ok. It's August. I have a few months to marinate on this one. Good chance I'll hate the idea by then and be glad I didn't maul a completely innocent blanket.


James Glave said...

Thanks for the post. We love our HBC point blanket. There is a wonderful book out about it called simply The Blanket. There is an amazine array of photographs and history in there. It goes back to the fur trade, of course.

C.E.R. said...

Thank you for your comment! Please do take a look around! :)

I usually send an e-mail to let bloggers know I've mentioned them on my blog, but you beat me to it!

P.S. The blanket rocks, but I want those orange lockers you spied a few weeks back.

Poppy K said...

Any chance you'll spill on where you found your scores? I have a bonus burning a hole in my pocket and want suggestions on where to spend it!

Alison said...

Definitely! The HBB came from Brownstone Antiques in Andersonville. It was crammed behind some other treasures, so it was a miracle I noticed it.

My Navy blanket hails from--where else?--the Army Navy surplus store.

You'll have to let us know what you pick up with your bonus!

Claire said...

I've always liked the HBB blankets (Count on the fact that L.L. Bean has been carrying them for years! And still does.) But I bet yours has more character - Andersonville has tons of cute places for treasures. Nice work.

steelbeard1 said...

Now that's Hudson's Bay point blanket love!

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