Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Qubbiles and bits

While we're on the topic of my kitchen, I have to (unfortunately. I'm really very sorry) direct your attention to the biggest eyesore and thorn in my side: the cat food dishes.

Kind of a mess usually, they're a necessary bit of everyday life. BUT. Mine are worse than most. This is what I'm dealing with:

Yes, I know, I know about the scuffed-up wall there. It badly needs to be painted. I guess my excuse of only having lived here since March is beginning to lose its luster.

So I bet you're wondering why there's a huge cinder block shoved up against the water dish resting in another dish.

Well, one of my cats, whom I will refrain from naming here as to not embarrass him in such a public forum, has a bit of a water problem. He's never met a bowl (or glass, or sinkful) of water he hasn't loved. For him, loving something means tugging on the edge or dipping his paw into the receptacle until all water that was once in the bowl (or glass, or sink) is all over the floor. He's a liberator. After that, he loves to crouch in the water and stare off into space.

Kind of interesting yes, but it necessitates the big cinder block (which he also loves to lick, by the way). And I hate it.

So I rounded up some alternatives that might work. I'm thinking he won't be able to shove around one of these too easily:
Everyday studio pet dish ($85) Oooh, orange!

Dogleg diner ($98) Ooh, also orange!

Bentwood pet feeder from Design Public ($94)

Trendy Pet elevated feeder (a not-too-shabby $47)

So in all, am I off my rocker for wanting to spend (at minimum) $50 in an attempt outsmart an old stray cat? Anyone who's friends with me on Facebook knows the insanity that was sparked when I mentioned $9 porcelain knobs...geez.

More importantly, which one of these is cutest!?! I can hang on until Christmas.

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