Thursday, September 03, 2009

People far cooler than I

(Since returning from vacation, I feel like I have heaps and mounds of things I want to talk to you about, which could translate into about a million posts a day, just FYI.

Or not. Due to laziness, the backlog may remain just that until it ends up forgotten and shoved off into a corner like so many suspect takeout containers in the darkest recesses of my refrigerator.

Let's hope not!*)

I'm the last person who should go clothes shopping (or anything shopping, for that matter) seeing as how our spare bedroom is lumped with numerous black garbage bags full of clothes that I have no room for and need to put away (like TONIGHT. We're having house guests for the weekend. But oh no. Can't do that. I'm wisely choosing to instead meet a guy with an--in his words--"whitish, cream maybe? hatchback kind of small van" in River North to look at rug. If you never hear from me again, you can probably determine why. How fitting that my life would end at the hands of Craigslist**).

Nonetheless, I still really, really want to check this lady out: Christine Bejasa and her Sometimes Store.

From GB: "When life hands you lemons, you... set up an impromptu vintage clothing store in your ex-boyfriend's bedroom in the apartment you once shared together to fund your upcoming media project. Right? Right! At least that's what Venus writer Christine Bejasa decided to do when her ex moved out of their Pilsen apartment and she needed funds for her online magazine start-up.

The Sometimes Store's grand opening happens today from 11am to 7pm at 913 W Cullerton, on the first floor. True to its name, the store won't always be open. But that's all the more reason to attend the grand opening today. That, and it's guaranteed that nothing in this, the "sharpest collection of vintage clothes you've ever laid eyes on," will be over $15.

Need more information? Call (773) 396-7979."***

Nice, nice.

And check this out: Supermarket Sarah posts picture of her home and you can snag awesome vintage finds right off her walls. Pretty brillant!

*I digress

*Again, with the digression.

***I have it on good authority that there will be snacks as well. See? This one was actually on topic.

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