Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make yourself at home

Decor-wise, we're all pretty interested in what goes on behind other people's closed doors (I'm assuming that's the case if you're a regular reader of this weblog). So when I watched Home Movie on Sunday night, all I could think was how much I wanted to share this movie with you fine people.

The documentary is basically a trip through five people's wacked-out houses. (And it's available on instant viewing via Netflix! Brief aside: I love Netflix because it makes lying around and watching movies feel productive. Like you're crossing something off a to-do list, you know?)

Here's a little clip of the guy with the electric house in Illinois.

(My favorite part about his segment was his assistant who claimed she wants to be both an actress and a psychic who uses her powers to find missing children.)

But wait! That's not all!

You also get to see the homes of some serious, not-messing-around cat lovers (they have an intricate system of catwalks that crisscross their entire home), a former Japanese sitcom star who is trying to get as close to nature as possible in Hawaii, an alligator wrangler who lives on a houseboat in a Louisiana bayou, and a family who converted an abandoned missile silo into an underground hippie lair.

It's all pretty neat actually.

We all adapt our houses to make them our homes; some people just go to extreme measures. It's kind of like what one of my friends said to me when I brought my tiger pillow home (whom I've chosen to name Montecore btdubs), "Everybody's got their own brand of crazy. You've just embrace it more than others."

Gang, in your home, what's your special brand of crazy and what are you doing to throw your arms around it?

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