Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey, punkins

What am I thankful for?

In short, YOU!

It's that time of year to say thanks, so heeeere we go. Thank you to everyone who stops by and reads what I ramble on about here and thank you to everyone who comments to let me know you're out there and hats off to everyone who takes time out to keep up his or her own blog. You're all a source of laughter, enjoyment and inspiration to me and I appreciate it all.

We have a month to go, but 2009 has been one of my happiest years so far (2002 comes in close second), so I want to send a big thank-you out to the universe. This year I:

- Moved into a home I love with the guy I love and it's been a dream. Every day has been better than the last, and I can't imagine doing this without him.

- For the most part, my friends and loved ones have spent their days healthy and happy.

- Managed so lose some baggage that I never realized had been dragging me down quite so much.

- Traveled to some magical places and experienced new things I'll never forget (until I get Alzheimer's).

- Finally feel like I'm on the track to finding what I want to do with my life, big picture style. Not to be confused with Big Willie Style.

- For the first time in forever, I'm really looking forward to a holiday season full of good times with family and friends and pretty much devoid of stress and expectations. And I CAN'T WAIT.

- Through this tiny corner of the Internet, I've been lucky enough to correspond with--and meet!--some incredibly creative, kind and super cool people. I love making new friends!

Lucky. I have a lot to be thankful for, and one of those big things is you right there reading this. Thank you and have a fabulous long weekend!

What do you have to be smiling about these days? I'd love to hear.

(Image via Recovering Lazyholic)


MoonDoggie said...

I'm ever so thankful for my husband - he's brill. I'm also happy that we're finally debt free - now we can start saving for a house! Hooray!

What a lovely positive post.

Stephanie said...

I love reading your blog Ali! I am thankful for my two healthy girls. They are a challenge and a joy each day, sometimes in the same minute. I am also thankful that I am able to stay home and be the one who raises them--thanks to Paul and his hard work!

Anonymous said...

Thankful for my husband, friends and family.

Thankful for my new business partner (hehe!)

Thankful that I have everything I need and then some.


Veronica Darling... said...

I forgot that Thanksgiving is to give thanks time, since we don't celebrate this holiday.

I really like your style of writing, and your puns, and your photos. Nice!

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