Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great.

DWTF, ROTFLMAO, sparkly vampires, Party in the USA, Delia's catalog, GoGurt (or whatever teens these days eat. It's probably not Activia.), Fallout Boy*!

I am honest-to-god crossing state lines to pick up this bank of lockers for my adult-lady house. $40. I know I'm a grownup because my teen self would have spent that money on ugly chokers from Express, some baby barrettes and a thrift-store flannel shirt to go with my waffle-weave babydoll dress. Hurl.

Like, what is my damage? Things I've purchased/acquired in an unconscious effort to turn my house into a high school:
- Four globes of varying sizes
- Two large chalkboards made from old windows
- Vintage schoolbooks (1 math, 1 biology, 1 English grammar)
- A button maker (for creating spirit buttons for all of the jock loves in my life)
- Multiple locker bins
- One pull-down map of Kentucky
- One metal detector (just seeing if you're paying attention)

Regardless, I'm still pretty excited about this find (as always, thanks Craigslist!). We're in desperate need for a place to store our winter coats/boots/ panda ski masks. But I don't know if I'm so jazzed about the "bright, sporty blue" it's painted.

Anyone have any suggestions on new colors for my lockers? Of course the inside of my locker will be plastered with pictures of Zac Efron. (He's still "dreamy," right kids?)

In an ideal world, these would be all rusty and Army green. But then again, in an ideal world, I'd come home to find Jordan Catalano** leaning up against them...

So are we thinking hot pink and houndstooth? Canary yellow? Industrial gray? Or do I have to figure out what the house mascot is first?

* This is humiliating, but I just Googled "What bands do teens like?" to get this one.
** I will also accept Daniel Desario in this scenario


Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, ok: I will take Daniel Desario any time of day or night. Just watched the finale of F and G last night. I LOVE HIM (and Bill Haverchuck, of course).

You suck, Dallas rules.


Anonymous said...

Ha! You write brilliantly. I find myself laughing every time! As for color, since you like army green, why not (to add to more school-like-ness) army green chalkboard paint? Even if you don't use it with chalk, I love chalkboard paint's matte and dusty-looking color. My friend used the standard black/charcoal to paint his bicycle frame, it turned out amazing. I think they have chalkboard paint in every color now, I'm pretty sure I saw a little post about it on Apartment Therapy a few months ago...

The Wife of an Artist said...

OMG! Stop being so funny.

Oh, and as far as the "Fall Out Boy, bands high school kids are listening to "question, when Chris and I checked out his storefront piece, there was a line around the block outside of this concert venue....mostly 17 year old girls wearing too much makeup and garments I loosely refer to as skirts. We walked around the building and saw more vampy teens posing in front of the bus of "Boys Like Girls." Um, I'm not afraid to admit that I watch The Hills and The City, but even with MTV, I totally missed that boat. Long story short...I am old.

erin@designcrisis said...

I taught high school photography for three years. I have never felt so old (or happy to be old) in my life. Truly harrowing.

If you have a zillion $$$, sandblast and wax those babies. If not, I like canary yellow or downpipe gray, depending on which direction you're going.

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