Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Get behind me Santa

In terms of being greedy, I am most definitely on the naughty list. Whenever I seem to ask anyone I know what he or she wants for Christmas, I get a bunch of hemming and hawing nonsense: "Oh, I don't know...there's not really anything I need. I haven't even really thought about it at all. Can I get back to you when I come up with something?"

Oh boy. That's so not me.

Ask me that question any time of year and I'll whip out a pretty hefty list or direct you to my Amazon wishlist.

So, instead of concocting a gift guide, here's a list of stuff I might add to my own list. (Not that I think I'll get anywhere close to all of this loot--I love surprises more than presents, so keeping a big old list ensures I'll have no idea what's in the box I'm shaking in a few weeks. Plus, we have strict budgets and I feel like it's cheating if the giver goes over. Control freak much?)

It's my hope that you find something that a friend or loved one might like (most likely a girl friend or loved one) or maybe even something to pipe up about when someone asks for your list!

1. Alcove wall shelf from CB2. I'm into the simple industrial look of this and would love to hang it in the living room and show off some of my vintage planters.

2. Charley Harper appetizer plate set. We have four of these and a mish-mash (not in a good way) of other salad/dessert plates. Eight would be conducive for a proper dinner party.

3. Um felt tote. I've wanted one of these for years, but I keep on forgetting ask. Read my mind, people! They're so chic--the opposite of trendy. I could see an artsy 75-year-old-lady rocking one of these. Plus, I love the way they fold flat.

4. Lilla Peep-toe wedges. Is it weird to ask for shoes as a gift? I don't really care. Plus, how hot would these be with some textured tights?

5. Fear of Flying. Everyone in my book club is cooler than I am and therefore has already read this. I'm thinking my mom should give this to me since she already gave me The Diary of Anias Nin and How to Save Your Own Life last year.

She should probably also replace me in the book club.

6. Metallic dot necklace. Yeah, at $40, this organic paper necklace is pretty flashy.

7. Everyday I'm hustlin' poster. Usually improper usage of "everyday" in place of "every day" AND posters that are just a phrase (keep calm and kill me now) bug the crap out of me. But I could see this poster (and a little Girl Talk) inspiring me to stay on my grind and hang in there like a champ kitten.

8. Geometry art necklace. This is just pretty and reminds me of the Sol LeWitt wall at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

9. Tartella tea towel. This was one of the few things I saw at Renegade that I found to be sweet in a retro kind of way. But not too cloying or annoying.

10. Keisuke Serizawa calendar. I like the fun, folky vibe of these.

Happy listmaking and shopping, you merry band of elves!


erin@designcrisis said...

Some great finds here... especially love the geometric necklace, the shoes, the hilarious poster.

Ashley said...

I love that bag.

I'm going to try to replicate it.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! And I already finished Love in the Time of Cholera. How are you doing with it?

I love all your selections, esp. the purse and the calendars.


Alison said...

Shan - , I'm only on page 180. I wasn't expecting it to be so racy and I get all nervous reading it on the train.

Been meaning to tell you: the url for Green Dolphin Street is

I think we need to have an old lady debutante ball there.

Ashley - You are so crafty! Please send pics (and a prototype) if you do!

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