Tuesday, December 01, 2009

They don't love you like I love you

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A few years back, my parents moved their office into the building of an old architecture firm. In the basement, I found packets of a series of 12 circa-1960s maps that showed a proposed highway through the east side of Indianapolis. I saved them and am stuck on what I should do with them. Decoupage the fridge? Hang them up? Framing is going to be cray-spensive; are binder clips too dorm-y?

Ugh, sorry I'm always asking you guys questions here. But y'all are GOOD.


Anonymous said...

Oh crush! I love maps and globes too much. I wouldn't make them into wallpaper because that's pretty permanent - what if you moved? I'd want to take them with. I'd cover a piece of furniture maybe, provided it had big surfaces so you could see the maps. Like... ved headboard? Fridge is good, but again, impermanent. Coffee table? Oooo, folding screen!

Ashley said...

i, too, have a large map that needs displaying...

I read somewhere (forgot where) about someone who mounted it to their wall, and then surrounded the edges with moulding so it LOOKED framed.

I'm thinking of trying it, but so scared.

Alison said...

Nice ideas, guys! What if I put it behind plexi as a kitchen backsplash? They're pretty narrow.

Ashley, try it! It bet it would look awesome. I want to see pictures. Maybe test it out with some plain paper first?

Nate said...

Any excuse to make a folding-screen-room-divider-thing is a good excuse. If the maps are narrow, turn them vertically, frame them, attach some vintage piano hinges and voila!

erin@designcrisis said...

I am anti decoupage, so let me just get that out there. I like your idea, and Ashley's. Also, you could just mount them to dowel rods and let them hang.

Great roundup, by the way!!!

Alison said...

Yeah, I was kind of joking about decoupage. I like most of my furniture too much--but the fridge kind of irritates me. Right now, a giant David Bowie poster is making it a bit better.

Dowels could be interesting...they're not all that huge, but they make up one large image. Maybe really thin steel wire...

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