Monday, December 21, 2009

What I got for Christmas Solstice

Say what?

Yes, not X-marks-the-spot-day yet, but Marc and I did our little gift exchange this weekend since we will be traveling to several exotic Midwest locales this week. What's up, Louisville? Hat tip, Indianapolis.

On Saturday, accompanied by some Sufjan holiday jams and some hot spiced cider, we tore into some presents. All ribbons and bows were promptly placed on sleeping cats. Where they stayed in place for HOURS. We have LAZY cats.

So, you want to see what I got/gave?

We had a kind of wishy-washy budget of $50, but I think both of us went a teensy bit over...ah well. It worked in keeping things relatively low-key I think.

He got her:

A very pretty etched glass ornament I'd been fawning over just last weekend. Unlike the one pictured, mine is clear glass and prettier, but they don't seem to have it online.

Somebody reads the blog. I also received a very awesome 2010 rooster tea towel calendar from P.O.S.H. that is also not on their website. Sad face.

Loop candelabra, which is really a vote of confidence in my book. Marc is always afraid I'm going to burn the house down with candles, so this just gives me another chance to prove him wrong (fingers crossed). Also a great gift because I'd love to have three of this to link together, so he's all set for upcoming gifts.

Le Foret eco-keepsake notecards. Definitely needed and notecards he won't feel weird about using either.

I am a very lucky lady.

She got him:

Heather grey houndstooth cardigan. I was into the elbow patches. Plus, we all know how I'm feeling about h-tooth these days, right?

Plaid tie. Again, exact one isn't on the site, but there are options.

Set of custom M&A (mergers and acquisitions?) napkin rings, thanks to the awesome gift guides from Design Crisis. They're nautical and masculine, right?

The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles. Marc loves his bikes, and this book is full of gorgeous bike porn photography.

Plus one more little mystery present to come...

Happy Solstice, gang!

What's going on with you?


Anonymous said...

Ha! My sir got me a raclette grill, no doubt because he had seen me gush over it on my blog. So, hurrah, blogs!
And why oh why did I not give that bike book to him? Birthday gift. It's perfect!

The Wife of an Artist said...

Very nice! Loving the candelabra and the cardigan.

We aren't doing gifts this year...although I do have a little surprise in store for him. Muahaha!

Marc said...

Why'd you have to go and cut my head and arms off?

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