Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mercury rising

I'm not a regular reader of Martha Stewart Living, but a friend passed along a recent(?) issue...I'm not sure. I ripped the cover off after I spilled a glass of water all over it and I can't remember what month the spine says it's from. Also, I just found the sad, wrinkly, water-damaged magazine wedged between my bed and the wall the other night.

So yeah, clearly, I'm not reading Queen Martha. She'd have my ass whipped into better shape than this. Also of note: the bottom of my purse has been dusted with that sweet n' sour Sour Patch Kids sugar for about a month. Every day, it makes my futile hunt for chapstick a little more grainy and delicious.

ANYWAY. This issue has some neat stuff (I ignored everything about moving my fridge and cleaning behind it and bathing your cats. You so crazy, Martha!) like making moss terrariums in jars. Also this:

Looks fancy and classy. But in reality is easy. (Kind of like your mom--oooh BURN!)

I guess to make your old glass vases look like mercury glass, you can buy this faux-glass spraypaint, apply it to the insides of the vases or jars or whaevs and then spritz with some water to give it an--you know what? Forget it. We're all better off just getting the directions from Martha. She says:

"Clean your vase or votive then cover the exteriors with paper. Spray the interiors lightly with water and then with mirror paint. Turn upside down to dry overnight and then repeat if too sheer. When finished, if you want to use it for flowers, just make sure to put them in a glass and then place glass in vase."

I'm thinking I just might try this. I just have to make sure not to use the water bottle that has fish emulsion mixed in it (let's just say living with an orchid is not easy).

Has anybody tried this? Is it, in fact, a Good Thing?


Retro-luxe said...

Your take on Martha is way more entertaining than Martha!

Anonymous said...

ACK! think moss counts as a live plant :)


erin@designcrisis said...

What is this magical paint stuff? I have never seen such a thing.

Also, bathe cats??? Did she declaw hers?

designrevisiting said...

oh hey, I did try it! it wasn't as bad as I thought that it would be. I spoke about it on my blog...if you want to see my results and what I did a bit differently? btw, I found the paint at hobby before to make sure that they have it.

if interested look at my blog for the results of martha's glass project:

Alison said...

Awesome job, designrevisiting! I just went and checked out your project. Love your site, btw.

Anonymous said...

well, thank you Alison, yours is a site that I frequent often!

Anonymous said...

hmmm Martha Stewart - good catch, love mom

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