Monday, November 08, 2010

This weekend

This weekend, I believe Marc and I singlehandedly--I guess that would be doublehandedly, technically--pulled the U.S. economy out of this nasty recession. What started out low key enough with a BYOB Indian dinner on Friday ended in an ORGY OF RETAIL CONSUMPTION (albeit a very tame one).

It was a good weekend (Except for the fight we got in Sunday night at Target about leggings. What have you done to the fabric of America, Lindsay Lohan?)

I got these adorable clogs on sale at Anthropologie, which means they were still expensive, just not as high as my portion of the mortgage. They're so very comfortable and I think it's true love. If you're a size 7 or 9, they can be yours too. We can be shoe twins.

No pictures yet, but I also stopped by the Jayson Home and Garden warehouse sale and picked up an old schoolhouse light to install above our kitchen sink. Right now, we have one of those Ikea Fado deals up there. It's not bad, but it's super hard to change the lightbulb and it's kind of blah and filthy.

Jayson Home and Garden is kind of like the Anthropologie of home stores. Stratospherically out of my budget, but it was kind of fun and worth it to go to the warehouse sale for this one item. Plus, there were ladies with dogs in their purses there, which makes any shopping experience extra fancy. Was the light as cheap as a Fado? No way man, but it was a steal at $99 vs. its original $550 (say what!) price tag.

It's not unlike something you'd find at Schoolhouse Electric, but it's the prettiest pale jade green.

Not to be outdone, Marc went and bought himself a bike.

It's so pretty. I usually don't like new bikes (I had my grandma's 1960s Schwinn until it got stolen a few years ago, and I replaced it with the exact same bike in red), but it's a really simple and lovely thing. No joke, people were nudging each other and pointing at the bike and stopping him to ask about it when he was walking down the street yesterday. It was like he was strolling around with a super hot lady. My clogs and I were a little jealous.

So all of our consumption may mean we're going to be eating lots of canned goods and spending quality time with ye olde Netflix queue, which is more than fine by me. It's getting to be about that time of year in Chicago when everyone hibernates anyway. Ugh. Sick of it.

P.S. Posting may be light this week (not that it hasn't been this whole year...but hey, blogging is something free I can do, right?). I'll be in New York until Sunday for work. Have a great week, everybody!

P.P.S. I almost forgot--I dyed some chunks of my hair pink! It's so fun. Circa 2000, Gwen Stefani, look out! I'm coming for you!


Anait said...

Love those clogs! Anthropologie is a dangerous obsession of mine...I've learned how to window shop without going inside and emptying my bank account!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Yes yes. The mister and I have blown all our money whilst visiting NYC, and we've been hurting hard (I bought shoes very similar to yours while out there, quite possibly the most $spendy$ shoes I've ever bought myself, and Justin bought himself a stationary bike roller thing to put his roadbike on (which is exactly like Marc's but white) allowing him to peddle in the middle of his living room because now that he's working from home and not riding his bike to and from work, he's worried about getting fat. 'Impossible,' I say, '6'4" men don't get fat!'). And yes, it's good that hibernation season is coming - though today was nice, wasn't it? - and I have a lovely soup cookbook. Poor in the winter, tra la la.

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