Friday, August 19, 2011

Scarf it up

Now that my hair is short again, it's super easy to get incredibly bored with it.

Sometimes I watch pin curl or braiding tutorials just so I can sit there and feel sorry for my Justin Bieber-tressed self.

But really, I do love having short hair. It's easy, it looks the same every day. It's possible to dye it lots of damaging colors without having to worry about years of hard hair-growing work going down the drain.

Even better is that I've now discovered Scarving! Tutorials!

This means a) I have a new thrift/vintage shopping obsession b) My hair isn't cramping my head's flamboyant style anymore and c) I can wear EVEN MORE of my grandma's stuff.

I'm sporting this look right now with a vintage Hermes key scarf (this is hands-down the fanciest thing I've ever written about myself):

It's super easy and I didn't swear once when trying to do it.

Also, this Hermes scarf tutorial is the business. I mean, a purse? Seriously so great. I'm off to hunt for silk and scarf rings.

Oh, and also also. I'll pay anyone to try that JLo dress-scarf getup and send me a picture. That one is pretty intense, even as a bathing suit cover up.


Anonymous said...


Alison said...

Well, hello there!

Ale said...

Love the site!!
We should follow each other ya?
I added you.

Have a great day! :D

Anonymous said...

Loved your blog! I am in the process of growing my hair now, since the end of 2010, when I had my hair pink, blue, purple, black, and back to blonde. At the end of 2010 I got it cut the shortest i ever had it in my life, and now it is 5 fingers past the shoulder, yay! just a couple more years until it is waist length again (considering i will get split ends cut and leave only beautiful shiny hair). I so wish it would grow faster. *sigh*

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