Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunny Sunday afternoon of the dead

Man, spring has finally strolled into Chicago. This weekend was gorgeous.

Not wanting to waste a lovely, sunny Sunday, I spent yesterday afternoon curled up on my couch, drinking cheap (but kind of overpriced since it was from 7/11) white wine and eating Boy Scout popcorn while watching Day of the Dead.

While this is definitely the weak link in Romero's trilogy, I did notice that the actress who played sassy scientist Sarah looks a lot like a less-pointy Feist.

For your consideration:


My roommate and co-viewer, who is even more of a pigmentally challenged Indoor Kid than I am, agreed. So we spent the duration of the movie shouting out, "Kill 'em, Feist! Kick his ass! Good, good. Now sing 'Mushaboom!'"

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