Friday, September 14, 2007

The Booking Bands project

Last night I was sitting around with some friends, trying to come up with band name/book title mashups. It's SUPER addictive. Eventually, we moved on to other subjects but it was evident everyone was sneaking peeks at the bookshelf and not paying attention to the conversation, only to burst out with "I GOT ONE! LOVE AND ROCKETS IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA!!!"

Because I'm dorkier than most, I went to bed with a pad of paper on my nightstand and shot up several times while falling asleep to write a new one down.

Here's my list:
The Old Man and the Sea and Cake
The Soundgarden and the Fury
The Sun Volt also Rises
The Glassjaw Menagerie
Ladytron Chatterley’s Lover
The Lovely Bone Thugs N’ Harmony
Are you there, Godsmack? It’s Me, Margaret.
The Vanilla Ice Storm
Oliver Twista
My Friend Lynrd Skynrd
Murder by Death of a Salesman
The Joy Division of Sex/Cooking
The Quiet Riot American
Pedro the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
Jimmy Eat a Brave New World

I was pretty jazzed about my list, but then I found this, which is surely the origin of the game. Most of mine are already on there. It kills me that I'm not the first one to think of "Are you there Godsmack? It's me, Margaret," but at least no one has laid claim to a few of them. And really, are there any original ideas?

Got any new ones?

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