Friday, April 25, 2008

This still counts

This is so totally typical of me: writing an Earth Day post three days after the fact and making it 100% percent about buying crap. But, wait! This crap is really cool.

So last Saturday, I was walking down the street and saw this girl wearing really cute, elfin rubber shoes. I turned to Marc and before I could comment, he pretended to be me: “I want those shoes, Marc. Get me those shoes!” (He says this in a bratty southern woman accent, the kind of voice that comes out of the obese mom in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” or Brett Butler or something. And it’s not always shoes. Sometimes it’s, “I want to see that movie. Take me to see that movie!” The second line is sped up and kind of manic. It’s so nice to think of how sweet and pretty I must seem in his mind.)

ANYWAY. Shoes spotted. Later that day, I saw a similar pair in the back pages of ReadyMade magazine and kind of thrust-and-pointed at the pictures. I think Marc was busy explaining to someone the appeal of small-paned plaid patterns versus larger, Western-style plaids (seriously, maybe he should do an independent study and write a thesis: The Art of Tartan: How one boy’s Catholic school upbringing drove him mad for plaid), so he naturally ignored me. But it was a sure sign for me that these shoes and I were destined for something great. Of course, I promptly wandered away from the magazine and failed to write down the website.

The following Monday, not even thinking about the shoes, I took a walk at lunch and found myself crossing the threshold of Akira on State Street. There, at a front table, were about 12 different variations of the elf shoes. Naturally, I had to try each pair on.

It turns out they’re Brazilian shoes called Melissas, and they’re super comfortable and incredibly soft. Not to mention eco friendly since they’re made out of recycled plastic. Two different salespeople tried to tell me they even have some special smell going on (blueberries, I think), but I remain unconvinced. They smell like plastic to me.

I know they’re not for everyone, and some of you are probably sitting there thinking these are the ugliest shoes you’ve ever laid eyes on (Ahem, Posh Spice). But I love them and think they’re cooler than regular ol’ flip flops.

So there.

Happy Earth Day.


Shannon said...

did you buy them, and if so, what color?

Alison said...

of course! mine are kind of a lilac color.

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