Monday, June 16, 2008

13 things that are making me happy right now

1. Going to Happy Village AND Inner Town to play ping pong AND Silver Strike Bowling this weekend.

2. Baking three loaves of banana bread and making pecan-filled, strawberry-topped pancakes on Saturday morning.

3. Finding out MoMA will have an exhibit on modular housing when I'm in New York next month.

4. "Sorry you're bad, but better luck next year" horseshoe and four-leaf clover t-shirts from our euchre league organizer.

5. Ever-elusive flower spikes on some of my plants (photos to come)and new weird plants

6. Exploring Chicago from a high, hidden angle (photos to come)and not getting arrested (or flashing anyone, for that matter)

7. FABRIC (see below), sandpaper and stains (in English chestnut, of course)

8. Milk Duds

9. $50 faaaancy restaurant gift cards for no reason

10. Hop, Skip and Go Naked

11. My favorite passage from the book I'm reading right now: "...we'd all be so lucky to wind up a punching bag and still find our crates full of Birds of Paradise." So true, so true....whatever it means.

12. Emulating Laura Zehetner in Brick when I get my feather hair clip (as seen at Mighty Goods)

Though I think this is more of a fall look. Annnnd I'll need some more dramatic eye make up. Oh! And we can't forget JGL.

13. No Red Bull at all this weekend! I just realized that. I can't believe that happened.

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