Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pictures from our Saturday trip

There’s an old, unused elevated train track that runs through my neighborhood (commercial train, not the CTA), and I’ve always wondered where it goes and what’s up there.

On Saturday, my roommate Mike and I went out to lunch and got on the topic of the track, which he’s always wanted to check out too, so, on our walk back home, we decided to do our best to get up there and check it out. This was unplanned and—of course—after a few during and post-lunch cocktails, leaving me to clamber around the city in a dress, sandals and no sunscreen. We ended up walking west from Milwaukee and Leavitt about three miles (6 miles round trip). I had to go to the bathroom the WHOLE time (see drinks above), but I was a trouper and I came home full-bladdered, pretty damn sunburned and with the dirtiest feet ever...but it was a worthwhile trip nonetheless

Here we go:

What’s up there? NOTHING!

Already sunburned and standing on the roof of the Mobil carwash on Western

Puerto Rican pride celebrants on California. It was weird, we could hear and see the honking and merrymaking from our bird's-eye view, but no one could really see us from our vantage point (except the lady in her car who yelled at us to "get our dumbasses down from there.")

Over Humboldt Blvd.

Mike thinks of UNICRONS (sounds like a corporation name...guerilla marketing?)

What's that up there? An abandoned train! (This was at about Kimball)

It's full of rocks. I only wish it were full of baby pandas.

I've got UNICRONS on the brain too. What an effective campaign!

The Blue Line heads downtown.

...and we headed home.


Shannon said...

cool! I would love to be on top of buildings in Chi!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I've always wanted to do that! Did you guys have to break through something to get up there (yes)?

Alison said...

No, if you go up across Leavitt where the Aldi's is, there's a break in the fence and a little hill that leads up to it.

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