Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Humanizing the vacuum

So, let's see. What happened last week? Here are some pictures of questionable quality to show you:

1. Got the new table set up in the dining room on Monday. Poor, sad table with no chairs.

2. On Tuesday, I got a haircut. Here is the back:

Just to spice it up, here is the front view on another day. Sorry about the self portraiture. I get all akward when someone else takes my picture for no reason. It's also just emo enough for my Myspace.

3. On Wednesday, my pretty shoes arrived:

4. I have no recollection of Thursday.

Oh, that's right, I accidentally sent a picture of a deep v-neck t-shirt clad Jake Gyllenhaall astride horse to my boyfriend's aunt, whom I've never met. I wish I were kidding.

Also: I went to the Violet Hour and spent a bajillion dollars on delicious drinks. Sorry, no photos of that.

5. On Friday, Marc and I showed our love for 'merica by posing in front of a giant flag...and then getting yelled at for parking (for, like, one minute!) in a private lot. USA! USA!

You can tell how excited he is about being number one and putting a boot in y'alls asses (cause that's the American way....actually the American way is probably better represented by my consumerrific Thursday night activities):

6. Saturday. Bought more stuff! Oh, dining room table, you will be lonely no more. For I went all the way out to Hinsdale for these lovely fiberglass chairs.

Oh. They're to short for you? I see. No, no...I understand.

Right now, the spurned chairs live in the kitchen nook. Will they stay? Who knows! It's wild over here!

More Saturday stuff: the pool, Salvation Army, making jorts (PLEASE click on that link. It's a wonder.) for Marc (which he did wear out to the Hideout that night. What a champ.), the Map Room, where Marc and I met Renee to drink beers poured in glasses that physically resemble the two of us:

Just imagine little cutoffs on the tall, skinny one.

I also had my first taste of a Tom Collins. Gin at its best!

7. On the seventh day, the Lord rested, but I sanded and spray painted a chair frame (and my foot...and my hand):

(please, please ignore the dusty floor...)

This, incidentally, is the frame for the chair i reupholstered. Since I'm a dummy, I didn't take a before picture, but I will tell you the chair's old vinyl indoor/outdoor blue flowered fabric looked like something that old lady in Mama's Family would wear. And I like things granny, so that's saying a lot. Here it is with the bottom attached:

(again with the dust! we're MOVING, ok? well, in two months. but still)

The whole chair (the back will actually sit higher so there's a gap between the top and bottom, but I haven't screwed that in yet. I'm thinking about ripping the whole thing apart and adding piping):

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Shannon said...

I love the chair and the hair! Oh, and the new look on the site. You are one crafty lady. Sad you decided to leave the house. Where are you moving to?

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