Monday, July 07, 2008

Right up my artery

As someone who

a) lives across the street from a bar that advertises "MONDAY NIGHT ALL YOU CAN EAT BACON" and has seriously considered opening up a concurrent bread, lettuce and tomato stand on her front porch (I'm enterprising like that);

b) has been told she makes the "best bacon I've ever had in my whole life;"

c) was just made fun of yesterday for immediately making an Amy Winehouse-esque stumble/beeline (beehive?) to the bacon upon entering Jewel;

d) found her most favoritest candy bar in Mo's Bacon Bar from Vosges;

this Bacon Mania article has been my favorite of the day. So many great bacon-related links, it's even better than the one about the 71-year-old woman who foiled her daughter's attacker by offering him beer. That one's close, but sorry, bacon trumps all.


Jamie said...

Mmm. Mo's Bacon Bar. The perfect thing to eat off a woven-bacon placemat.

Alison said...

Haha I know. Even that thing is a little too bacony for me. Unless it's maple bacon...

raymi lauren said...

did you make that patchwork bacon OMG!!!

Alison said...

i WISH! but since you are famous and commenting on my blog, i'm hereby vowing to make it and photodocument the whole thing next week.

no promises on eating it though.

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