Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's call it a truce at Grey Goose

My unfortunate Minnesotian (from whom I learned it is pronounced Minne-so-dian, not Minne-so-shan) roommate led a sad and deprived childhood. It’s true.

The poor kid has gone around for 25 years thinking that the little game where kids sit in a circle and run around it is called “Duck, duck, gray duck” and not “Duck, duck, goose.”

I know! How his parents got away with it, I have no idea. It’s cruel, really.

Since being out in the real world, he refuses to accept the goosey truth and we can’t see eye to eye on this one. But is that really his fault? Let’s not go blaming the victim.

I am, however, curious. Are you a gray duck or a goose? Is this a regional thing or an isolated incident?

Duck, Duck Goose or Duck Duck Gray Duck
The goose is loose!
I am a weirdo: Gray Duck.
I am even more deprived than Alison's roommate and have never heard of this awesome game.
Tamales! free polls

The repercussions of my findings are sure to have implications as serious as the great “Beans, beans, the musical/magical fruit” debate of 2006.

Speaking of, it’s musical, right? That one’s no-brainer. OR IS IT? (***Please note, your answer to this quiz is imperative to my being able to definitively lord the right answer over Marc—or vice versa, I guess. Your input is needed!***)
Beans, beans the...
Musical fruit
Magical fruit
I don't understand the question and refuse to answer it. free polls


Alison said...

You know, you guys are allowed to tell me I'm a hillbilly and that I misspelled a word here and there.

You know that, right?

It's all friendly like up in here.

steph said...

what the hell is a GRAY duck? maybe they only have those in Minnesota?

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