Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sold out like a Ludacris concert

Since I know the gang is so concerned:

I ended up selling those fiberglass chairs.

It was amazing, I posted them on Craigslist and got about 1,372 responses, including three messages from one guy who was obsessed with having the chairs. His most recent e-mail:

"ok I'm going ga gaaa for your chairs. pls contact me so I can pick them up and they can be my new babies in my home!"

On principle, I kind of didn't want them to go this dude. Maybe I'm a coldhearted snake (look into his eyes) but make it seem like you're going to sit in the chairs, hang out, whatever, not molest them.


Just checked my e-mail: (I wrote to say someone was coming to look at them)
"oh my gosh. so sad. ok. I can pick them up now/today/earlier than her, but I guess that would be "underhanded" to beat her to the punch - would it? .YES it would. that was my evil twin talking, sorry!!!. they are the perfect color/shape/everything. ok please let me know. I hope they don't show well for her. : )

wait, what if I offered more? like a bidding war? ( I can't offer much more, but I could offer a little if I penny pinch)"

Is it ok for me to be a bit skeeved out, or am I out of line here? (Sorry, dude)

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