Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pretty pictures: Jewels on parade

I still haven't unpacked and organized my jewelry since the move, which is probably why, if you know me, you've seen me in the same pair of white earrings day after day. Sometimes I like to look at this picture and imagine that I'm a whimsical yet organized French lady who has lots of gorgeous jewelry to display.

Then I look at the Ziploc baggie on my dresser full of snarled necklaces, give up and go watch Amelie instead.


Shannon said...

O M G where did you get that background and header? I love it?

Jamie said...

Those dressers/drawers are too gorgeous.

Alison said...

Shan, I made it. I couldn't stand looking at the other one any longer. Barf. Super easy, though. I can show you how.

Do we think those dressers are made of wine crates? Old boxes of dynamite? Because I definitely have plenty of both of those items lying around.

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