Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pretty pictures: The "looking at them helps calm my public-transportation induced rage" edition

Instead writing about this morning's walk from Chicago and Milwaukee to Jackson and Wells becase the Blue Line was messed up AGAIN (this of course, I found out AFTER paying my fare and going through the turnstile), let's look at a nice picture, shall we? I think I like the idea of having some ledges upon which I can layer and display pictures in our living/dining room area. That way, they can be swapped out without putting a million holes in the wall.

I'm looking and picking up a few of these at some point in my life. In fact, I've been so obsessed with picture ledges, that the other night, I had a dream I was Kim Kardashian and I was shopping at Target where I found some pictures ledges on sale for $14.99. When I asked Marc, who was there in the dream, if I should buy a few, he lectured me on measuring the pictures I have to see if they'd be a good match for the length of the shelves first (this was the reaction I got from him in real life when I tried to order the ones above). I, in turn, retorted that, "God! I haven't even been home yet! (I was probably too busy squeezing my booty into 27" jeans)How am I supposed to measure stuff that's at my house when I haven't even BEEN there? Stop LECTURING me. You're ruining everything!"

I woke up kind of mad at Marc and really relieved that I'm not Kim Kardashian (I would take her shiny, shiny hair, though).

So yeah, I guess I kind of want photo ledges.

Confidential to the CTA: Thanks for nothing! (and that goes for you too, every cab that wouldn't pick me up this morning)

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