Monday, October 20, 2008

On the campaign trail

I'm pretty shocked and excited to report that the apartment has advanced to the Midwest bracket's Sweet 16 section of Apartment Therapy's contest. As Hoosier, it's just exciting to be a part of some bracketology. But, hey, if you want, feel free to please, please vote for me! Exercise your right to vote for a color you can believe in. Do it for America!


Moving on in the competition is especially bouying for me after the non-event the Bucktown apple pie contest was yesterday. After baking and submitting two lovely pies, I was told my pies had to be disqualified because they had crumble-top crusts. Now, I was well aware that the rules stated all pies had to have both an upper and lower crust, but it certainly wasn't clear that the top crust couldn't be crumble form. *note to self, look into this crust consistency conspiracy*

I donated my pies to be sold, and I'm happy the park had such a successful fundraiser, but I can't say I wasn't at least a little bit crushed--or should I say crumbled--for being booted out of the competition.

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