Friday, June 26, 2009

Devil's haircut

It's amazing how much better a good, much needed haircut can make you feel, you know? Yesterday, I got a clean-up from my favorite stylist, Virginia at Strange Beauty Show. I came in a shaggy dog and left a prancing poodle. Seriously, she's the only person I've been able to go to with any bit of loyalty and regularity ever. And we're going on about 1.5 years here. I think it's getting serious. Bonuses: she's reasonably priced, always offers me a beer when I show up, and she's great at making fun of Kate Gosslein's scary animal-claw hair.

But on the topic of tresses, have any of you checked out this site:

It's kind of neat in that you can upload pictures of your cut for people to rate (not sure if I'm ready to open up that can of worms), and you can search for a salon or stylist in your area who specializes in the kind of look you want. I could spend hours on sites like this fantasizing about the hair I want but can't have: white blond, baby fine and super short. Yeah, that would look great with my, ahem, striking eyebrows

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