Thursday, June 25, 2009

A stitch in time

On Saturday, I made my first-ever trip up to lovely, leafy Evanston for an arts and antiques tent sale. Can you believe it? Is Evanston heaven? Maybe—they do have a Papa John’s after all.

For sure, there was some great stuff for sale, but a lot of it was on the expensive side, making it more of a museum trip for me. Which is fine! It’s nice to have dreams.

I did pick up a few gems (well, gems to me). Some people in my house my not appreciate the finer things in life, such as this wonderful needlepoint pillow: (Not the cat. I got him at the Brown Elephant a few years ago.) Such sage words, no? It now lives in the hallway, so I'll never foget this important nugget of wisdom!
I also picked up this handy (har har) piece to keep all of my precious jewels corralled.
It’s porcelain, and they had a whole box of them at the sale! I like that it’s not too lifelike. It turns down the creepiness factor a bit, don’t you think?


jess@noelmarie said...

That art above your bed is wonderful! What are they?

Raina said...

I adore your new pillow! And thanks for the link love.

Alison said...

Thanks, guys! Jess, it's a Hold Steady poster from their Boys and Girls in America tour. It was kind of neat...they sold them split up like that.

Jackie said...

OMG that pillow is awesome!! Love it. Why can't I ever find cool stuff like that while out thrifting?

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