Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amateur philately

Stamps are great. Gooooo stamps!

Of course sending letters is fun, and you need stamps to send them. But the stamps themseleves--little snapshots of beauty and history, art really--are so delightful to choose. I've exasperated many a postal worker by making them show me all of my options and hemming and hawing as I paw through the books, trying to pick the prettiest, most charming sheets.

My dad is a real stamp (and coin) collector, so I may get a bit of this from him. But it's not all nerdery. Check out Grain Edit's bit on commemorative stamps from Hong Kong. They're lovely!

In my own home, I have some work from Gavin Potenza, lover of imaginary stamps:

Homage to the Stamp in my living room.

And Stamps of the World in my bathroom. See it in action! here.

I love looking at them both and picking out my favorite stamp. It changes every day.

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The Wife of an Artist said...

I think I might have found a purchase for you and your philatelist tendencies.

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