Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are you up for the challenge?

Ticklish From A Distance has inspired me to post an image that best sums up my style (or ideal style, perhaps) in one picture.

Sadly, I have no notes on where this picture is from, but I love so much about it. It's clean and modern but looks lived in. The sofa is freaking amazing. Books + art + a nice, worn Oriental rug give it a sophisticated yet comfortable feel. I think it's also timeless. This could have been at my grandparents' in the 70s or it could be my "grown up" study in five years. While it's not the most glam room in the world, I think it's closest to "me" as in what I could live with and enjoy over time--and I'm all about longevity.

I know some of you have pictures squirreled away too. If your up for it, post yours on your site or put up a link and leave a note. Let us take a peek.

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