Thursday, July 16, 2009

This may only be exciting to me

But Marc was a total sweetheart champ and cleaned out all of the trash from the creepy airshaft. This marks the first step in turning it into my beautiful secret garden.
Quite justifiably, he felt the need to wear latex gloves.
This is where there used to be a dead pigeon.
Sorry this one looks like a took a picture of my television screen with an Instamatic camera. It's the view from our bedroom--looking much better--through the screen. I took a few other shots, but it seems my computer has eaten them.

Stuff found (aside from the dead pigeon): condoms galore, a hacksaw blade, an empty bag of chocolate-covered pretzels, lots of broken glass, nails and some escaped hen and chicks plants from my larger one that lives on the back deck.

I know we have a looong way to go, but this first step is pretty exciting to me!

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